Party London Escorts

London escorts are known for their love of parties. As a matter of fact, many of the girls like to party outside the bedroom as well as in the bedroom. A lot of gentleman callers presume that you can only visit a London escort for an hour or so to enjoy a quick massage but this is not always the way. Many girls like to go out as well, and you can arrange escorts services to last all night if you need to do. This might actually be the ideal solution for many business men that visit London on a regular basis. Just like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman, they may need to go out to enjoy business dinners and escorts are more than happy to stand in as partners. There are some girls who specialize in this type of service, and spend a lot of their time with wealthy businessmen going out to dinner. It is a bit more of a specialized task than a massage service, and of course the escorts need to be very discreet. After all is said and done many of them may become privy to sensitive information such as business mergers and take overs, not that different from Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts did know all the ins and outs about Richard Gere’s character Edward Lewis business dealings, and she even gave him some good advice.

Dating a London escort for commercial purposes

London Escorts
London Escorts

A lot of escorts in London will refer to this service as dating for commercial purposes. It may sound a bit silly but it is in fact what the girls are doing. You are as a date benefiting from their sexy and charming companionship during what can only be scene as a business meeting. You may have been involved in meetings during the day but business never stops, so it is important to recognize that escorts are on this occasion providing you with a commercial service.

Party Girls

You may be arranging an extra special evening out with some of your business partners, and you would like to enjoy some female companionship. This can be arranged as well through the majority of escorts agencies, and it is normally called a party girl service. This means that you can agree with an agency to provide several girls for the entire evening. The girls will be happy to party with your business partners, and this will include dancing and whatever else you fancy. Make sure that the business deal you are working on will be worth it as this is a very exclusive service. If, you would like the girls to spend the entire evening and night, you may have to be prepared to pay quite a bit for the privilege. At the end of the day, it should be worth it. You and your friends should have a great time and I am sure new relationships will be cemented. Party girls and dating for commercial purposes, are only two of the services which many a London escort can provide. If, you are not sure what you are looking for, give agency a call and they should be able to point you in the right direction, and find you the right pleasure.

Why Are There So Many Eastern European Girls in London?

Party Girls in London
Party Girls in London

When I was working as an escort in London, there weren’t that many different nationalities. Now, there seems to be escorts from all over the world working in London. Eastern European girls have become very popular, and it seems that many gentlemen prefer East European escorts. I spoke to a couple of escorts agencies the other day, and in between them, they had many East European escorts on their books. To be honest, I was a bit surprised to the meteoric rise in East European escorts in London. They seem to be along way from home, and in a totally different culture than what they are used to. I decided to see if I could have a chat to couple of the girls to see if I could find out why they had decided to make London their home base.

Peril the London escort from Poland

Perola from Poland has been working as an escort in London for the last three years. She did use to work as an escort back home in Poland as well, but decided that London had better opportunities. Back in Poland Perola wasn’t that well treated by dates, and she had heard on the grapevine that many agencies in London really looked after their escorts. Dates are not allowed to turn up drunk to an incall or outcall, and they must take a quick shower as well. In Poland she had lots of problems with dates turning up drunk, and many of them were even abusive to her. London escorts are still not very highly thought of and sometimes dates may even hit them. Ever since Perola have been working in London she says that she has been treated much better, and the standard of dates have been higher. She has a lot of regulars and they all really look after her. Perola would not consider going back to Poland at all.